How do YOU feel in dark parking areas?
Enhanced customer service and convenience

Satisfied customers – a dream comes true

  • Reliable “signposts“ thanks to clearly readable signs and displays
  • Fast recognition of free spaces through space indicator lights 
  • High visibility of space indicator lights already at the entrance to a lane or row 
  • Assignment of spaces to certain customer groups, such as persons with disabilities, women/families, VIP guests

Space reservation as a customer service

The assignment of individual spaces to certain user groups makes your car park popular among your customers. A wide range of space indicator lights (e.g., red, blue or white) lets your customers differentiate between user groups, such as special needs, family or women’s parking spaces. You can also reserve spaces at attractive locations for VIP customers by activating the space reservation (red space indicator light = occupied). 

  • Convenience in parking and special services will be appreciated by your customers
  • Special needs service through reserving the best spaces at the best places
  • Identification and highlighting of long-term parkers by means of the space indicator lights and the system software after having exceeded a certain (predefinable) parking time

Vehicle search as a convenient customer service - Our Car Finder Function

Sometimes customers cannot find their vehicles. Thanks to iVIS you will be a friend in need. The operation software makes it possible to define a time window within which the vehicle to be found must have been parked. This makes finding the vehicle much easier.

Furthermore, Parkway helps you detect irregularities in your parking facility. For ultimate security in your car park, discreet parking time control in the background reports vehicles to the system which have exceeded a certain predefinable period of parking time.

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