15 Reasons Why You Should Choose An INDECT System.

1. It’s U.S. based.
INDECT USA is based in Dallas, TX with a network of strategically located distributors to look after your project.

2. Fully integrated indoor guidance and outdoor detection systems.
Now you can experience the same INDECT accuracy, safety and analytics by adding INDECT Views to your roof top or surface lots.

3. It is a fully automated guidance system.
With an INDECT camera-based system, no human intervention is required to validate an open or occupied space. This feature improves efficiency and accuracy.

4. It’s time tested and proven… all over the world.
With more than 1 million spaces in operation around the world, INDECT has raised the bar for Parking Guidance System performance.

5. Your customers will park faster and be happier.
Take the guesswork out of parking with this simplified system. The light above indicates the status of the space. Green means it’s available, red is occupied and blue signals ADA (American Disabilities Act) parking only.

6. Proven to be 99.9% accurate.
INDECT’s powerful software and reliable hardware is backed by incredible technical support to ensure your parking space counts are accurate and all your signage is synced.

7. It maximizes your parking space usage.
INDECT space indicators are easy to spot — even in the darkest, most remote corners of your garage.

8. Creates increased revenue opportunities.
Through INDECT’s powerful software, you can: adjust the hourly parking rates during peak times, add additional ADA spaces for special events or convert contract parking to general parking on the weekends. All with just a click of the mouse.

9. It lowers administration and operating costs.
INDECT requires very little maintenance. The ability to manage the entire parking garage from your computer or smart device means you will require fewer resources.

10. It can be seamlessly integrated with other systems.

  • Building management
  • PARCS and payment systems
  • Mobile apps
  • Garage lighting, fans and extraction
  • Gateless solutions
  • Fire and warning
  • Existing signage

11. It increases security and reduces parking space abuse.
INDECT offers multi-function camera sensor technology that monitors parking spaces, records video and recognizes license plate numbers.

12. It’s a seamless, completely integrated system.
You can now take control of your entire garage. All INDECT space indicators, camera-based monitors, signage and parking apps are seamlessly integrated.

13. Real time reports improve space management.
Software driven technology delivers instant reports and feedback. With INDECT you can customize your reports to optimize your system and better serve your customers.

14. It’s the most weather and dust resistant system on the market.
INDECT ultrasonic and camera-based multi-function sensors are dust proof and water submersible; offering the industry’s highest standard, IP67.

15. Parking Apps are customizable to your specific needs and requirements.
INDECT’s customizable app quickly guides customers to their destination by showing which spaces are available and where. Parking rates and payment options are also shown. Lost Car? No problem! INDECT’s car finder app will locate it.


Simply the Most Advanced Parking Guidance System on the Planet

Simply the Most Advanced Parking Guidance System on the Planet

Simply the Most Advanced Parking Guidance System on the Planet