INDECT systems are in place all over the world serving many different markets.

INDECT systems are in place all over the world serving many different markets.

At Shopping Centers INDECT single space parking sensors and multi-function camera sensors streamline the parking process while increasing security and profitability.

INDECT’s mobile apps and “Find My Car” kiosks take the guess-work out of remembering where you parked.

Airport parking is significantly improved after INDECT Parking Guidance Systems are installed.

Retail Super Centers, where there is high parking turnover, enhance the customer’s overall shopping experience.


Where else is finding a parking space quickly more important than at an airport? You will find INDECT in several major airports across the the US and in dozens more worldwide. INDECT can also add layers of security when our camera-based multi-function sensors are installed.


Upscale hotels are now looking to deliver an equally upscale parking experience. INDECT is the preferred parking guidance system in hotels across the globe.


For many, visiting a hospital is not only stressful, it can be difficult to find a parking spot. INDECT is helping solve that problem with installations of its parking guidance systems to help reduce parking stress for visitors, while ensuring there is always parking available for doctors, administrators and students.


Arenas, concert venues, ball parks. INDECT is the perfect solution to getting people in and out of these parking garages quickly and efficiently, by installing level counting signage and space indicators that or over 99% accurate.


Customers will choose your shopping center or mall over others if the parking system makes it more convenient to park. Throw in the INDECT car locator app and now you’ve got a customer for life!


Leave a lasting impression with tourists and commuters alike when you install an INDECT system. You will also maximize your parking space utilization during the evening and on weekends with the ability to convert parking spaces from “Reserved" to “General" with a few strokes on your keyboard.


Major colleges and universties love the environmental benefits of the INDECT Parking Guidance System. The system itself is designed to lower energy costs, and the customer ability to find a parking space faster reduces CO2 emissions.

There are nearly 750,000 sensors in operation globally.

There are nearly 750,000 sensors in operation globally.

There here are nearly 750,000 sensors in operation globally.