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June 14, 2018

Indect’s ultrasonic parking guidance technology, installed at a HEB grocery store in Houston, aids in curbside pick-up service. The system was installed by Parking Guidance Systems, LLC.

Indect's ultrasonic parking guidance technology, installed at a HEB grocery store in Houston, aids in curbside pick-up service. The system was installed by Parking Guidance Systems, LLC.

Parking Network News

June 12, 2018

The Time Has Come For Dynamic Parking Pricing

Parking is a vital revenue source for airports. On average, it’s the second biggest money-maker, trailing only gate fees; and at some airports, parking even surpasses gate fees. Yet, as important as parking is to the bottom line, most airports don’t earn nearly as much as they should.

The problem is that unlike other products and services, it has always been difficult to apply market-driven pricing to parking. Whereas, the price of such commodities as food, clothing, or even entertainment can be adjusted based on demand, cost and other market factors, the price of parking remains relatively static. Until recently, there hasn’t been a good way to constantly measure parking demand and adjust prices as demand rises and falls. The best airports have been able to do was to look at historical data to predict future behavior, and the

Airport Improvement Magazine

May 17, 2018

San Diego airport adds more parking spaces with three-level, high-tech garage

Starting Friday, travelers and visitors heading to the airport will be able to park in a new three-level garage just steps from Terminal 2.

The culmination of a nearly two-year construction period, the 2,900-space, $127.8 million parking plaza replaces a previous surface lot located closest to the San Diego International Airport’s Terminal 2.

Besides offering covered parking at rates identical to the hourly and daily fees of the former lot, the garage is outfitted with a guidance system employing LED signs and colored lights to alert motorists to vacant spaces.

May 17, 2018

Parking is a Breeze at Houston’s City Centre with INDECT’s Ultimate Parking Guidance System: The UPSOLUT

INDECT USA, the parking industry’s leading provider of parking guidance systems, announces the latest installation of their premium multi-function, camera-based sensor at the Midway City Centre in Houston, Texas.

City Centre is a multi-award winning, up-scale retail, restaurant and entertainment hub in the heart of Houston. Designed as an elegant self-contained community, the centre also boasts a flagship urban fitness facility, two office towers, 655 residential homes and a 255-room luxury hotel.

May 3, 2018

INDECT provides unique parking guidance solutions for interesting client problems

Did you know that parking guidance technology is not just for parking? INDECT’s sensors and LED signs and software can be easily adapted to solve a range of access management problems.

INDECT specializes in creating custom guidance solutions that can be used in hospitals, universities, airports, shopping centers, office buildings, gas stations, loading docks and even factories. All this is possible because INDECT controls the development of all software as well as the design and production of all components.

March 15, 2018

New Hanover Regional Medical Center has become the first hospital in the USA to install a complete INDECT parking guidance system

NHRMC is the largest provider of health care services in southeastern North Carolina and with nearly 7,000 staff it is also the largest employer in the region.

"Hospitals need to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week," said Dale Fowler, President of INDECT USA. "Staff come and go at irregular hours, which impacts the daily flow of traffic within the garage. NHRMC wanted to make the parking experience as easy and stress free as possible."

The employee parking garage was recently completed as part of NHRMC's initiative to create more space for visitors and patients. The new garage houses 580 undercover spaces and an additional 145 open air spaces on the rooftop.