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January 19, 2018

A new role for parking guidance sensors

It may seem strange to think of parking guidance sensors as an "emerging technology" because they've become so well established throughout the parking industry. However, a handful of entrepreneurial parking technology experts are pushing the boundaries of parking guidance technology, finding new ways to use sensors.

November 15, 2017

INDECT USA Announces the largest installation of wireless NEDAP sensors in the USA at assembly row, Somerville MA.

INDECT USA, the parking industry’s leading provider of sensor-based parking guidance systems, has once again successfully collaborated with IPsens ( to provide a fully-integrated, wireless parking solution at Assembly Row.

The installation of 1144 wireless, in-ground, open-air sensors took less than two weeks to complete making it not only the largest installation of its type in the USA but also one of the fastest.

November 7, 2017

Oklahoma University gives INDECT parking guidance systems the green light!

INDECT USA, the parking industry’s leading provider of sensor-based parking guidance systems, has announced the completion of a pioneering parking guidance installation at Oklahoma University’s Jenkins Garage. With the installation of INDECT’s camera-based parking guidance system, Oklahoma University (OU) has become the first organization in the United States to offer parkers all the benefits of a camera-based parking guidance system with the ease and simplicity of a single light above every space.

“It’s never been done before.” said Dale Fowler, Director of INDECT USA. “Most organizations are willing to sacrifice single-space illumination for the features of a camera-based system but OU was different. The University had a clear vision of what parking guidance should be and insisted that the system provide ultimate benefits to parkers. That’s what makes this installation unique.”

June 9, 2017

Dallas Love Field Airport chooses INDECT’s advanced UPSOLUT multifunction parking guidance system.

Dallas Love Field Airport has chosen INDECT as the preferred parking guidance system in Stage 2 of the airport’s multimillion dollar modernization program. After successful implementation of the INDECT parking guidance system in garages A and B at Dallas Love Field last year, the airport has again decided to install INDECT’s advanced, multifunction parking guidance system in garage C.

Established in 1917 and conveniently located in the heart of Dallas, Dallas Love Field Airport services five airline carriers and sees more than seven million travelers each year, providing a vital economic link between the city of Dallas and the nation.

May 13, 2017

INDECT parking guidance system used extensively in Las Vegas hotels

LAS VEGAS HAS LONG BEEN KNOWN FOR BRIGHT LIGHTS AND LATE NIGHTS. Now, however, the Las Vegas Strip has assumed a new mantle: parking technology pioneer. After more than half a century of providing free parking to visitors and local residents, resorts up and down the Strip have begun to install parking technology designed to better manage parking resources and enhance the parking experience for guests. The trend started with MGM Resorts International, which installed parking technology at 11 of its properties, followed by Caesars Entertainment, which put parking suites in five properties. Other companies, including Wynn Resorts, have begun the planning process. According to MGM Resorts International, the impetus behind the program was a desire to improve the guest experience.

April 21, 2017

Ever lose your car in a parking lot? This parking guidance system not only tells you where to park, it can find your car!

INDECT USA, a provider of sensor-based parking guidance systems, just announced that its UPSOLUT parking guidance systems were selected for installation at River Oaks District, a high-end retail destination in Houston. The parking sensors will monitor more than 1,300 spaces in the shopping center’s five-level garage.

River Oaks District, which is operated by OliverMcMillan, is a storied Houston retail landmark that dates back to 1930. It is a widely recognized mixed-use development that combines 650,000 square feet of luxury retail, fine-dining restaurants, street-side cafes and entertainment, along with upscale residential units.

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